‘Novel medical system at selected hospitals to battle NCDs’ | Daily News

‘Novel medical system at selected hospitals to battle NCDs’

The number of people suffering from Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) gradually increasing today. Therefore, the Health Ministry has commenced a novel medical service at selected hospitals to mitigate the situation, Chief Medical Officer/DMO of the Halthota Provincial Hospital in the Kalutara District Dr.Tilak Nishantha Settinayake said.

He said that the Health Department has introduced the programme called ‘Primary Healthcare Service Strengthening Programme,’ (PSSP) and under this programme, a Health Service Package (HSP) has been provided to the hospital, Dr. T.N.Settinayake said.

He said that a series of medical tests on patients is carried out by specialists under the programme. Over 20,000 residents in 18 Grama Seva Divisions in Halthota and suburbs have been registered through a computer data system and they are made to undergo screenings for cerebrovascular diseases, cancers, diabetic retinopathy, and diabetic neuropathy among others, he said.

The Halthota Divisional Hospital caters to over 11,000 people in the area, the doctor said.

He said that those seek treatment from the hospital are provided with a clinic card with a bar code for any doctor to find out their health history. Urine and blood samples from patients are dispatched to the nearest hospital in a three wheeler from the Kalutara Regional Medical Services for testing and the test reports are sent to the Halthota Hospital through WhatsApp, Dr.Settinayake said.

The new medical service immensely helps save much time of those seeking treatment from the hospital, Dr. Settinayake said.

Dr.Settinayake has also started a separate therapy center at his residence in Horana free of charge.

The doctor said that the programme could be strengthened if the hospital were provided with a vehicle and a driver, a medical laboratory and adequate number of minor staff.