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STF deployed at three prisons

UPDATE: The Police Special Task Force (STF) will be deployed to provide security assistance from today at three main prisons. According to Commissioner of Prisons (Rehabilitation) Chandana Ekanayake, since there is a current lack of staff at the prisons, they had to seek the help of the STF, for searches and security purposes.

“This reason for the STF deployment is the lack of guards, and we have asked for assistance until we employee prison guards in the coming months”.

He further added the STF will closely be working with prison guards, to ensure that matters concerning pensioners are kept under a watchful eye.

The deployment will be at the Welikada, Magazine Prison (Women’s Section), Colombo Remand Prison and Prison Hospital.

Ekanayake said, there is a lot of work involved in the prisons and with current understaffed issues, they need all the help for search related operations.

A number of recent incidents of heroin smuggling and electronic devices were reported, and Prison Department officials are vigilant to prevent such nefarious activities from being carried out.

STF security for Prisons-Time:11:35

Prisons Commissioner General Thushara Upuldeniya said that steps have been taken to deploy Special Task Force to provide security to the Welikada Prisons, Magazine Prison and Colombo Remand Prison.