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Reel rejoice!

“People commonly interact as groups in their day-to-day lives. This ‘collective human happiness’ which is an essential trait that drives a society was busted by Covid 19 pandemic.

Confining to their homes was a torturing experience for the public. In the wake of the pandemic, Scope Cinemas and Sarasaviya tabloid of Lake House teamed up with a few innovative cinema artistes to hold a different film festival branded as ‘Scope – Sarasaviya Cinema Happiness’ that will showcase five brand new Sinhala films awaiting screening”, said the award winning film director Jayantha Chandrasiri at a press briefing held at Scope cinemas to announce an upcoming event.

He said this initiative would make cinema-goers happy and also revitalise the country’s cinema industry.

Scope cinemas the country’s leading movie theatre franchise revealed the details of the exciting five-day film festival scheduled to take place from September 4 to September 8. Tickets for ‘Scope – Sarasaviya Cinema Happiness’ are priced at 350 LKR and can be reserved online at

Set to be held at the Scope Cinemas Liberty complex, the film fete will celebrate the diverse landscape of Sri Lankan cinema, bringing to the big screen a selection of first-rate films made by country’s most acclaimed artists and filmmakers intended to entertain, engage, and inspire. This is done months in advance of these movies’ official releases, also benchmarking with global marketing tactics to exploit market opportunities.

Cinema-goers will be given the opportunity to mingle with directors, producers, and most importantly with the Film Stars of each movie from each day’s final screening shedding light on star-studded evenings.

NFC has offered its fullest blessings for the event.

The film fest will start with Jayantha Chandrasiri’s ‘Midunu Wishwaya’ and flamboyantly end with the screening of Udayakantha Warnasuriya’s Gindari 3.

Warnasuriya said, when compared with the rest of the world Sri Lanka is on a winning streak as the country has gotten rid of Covid 19. He said what people need now is some stimulation to be awakened from their prolonged hibernation.

“We as filmmakers identified their need thus we embarked on this collaborative effort of holding ‘Scope-Sarasaviya Cinema Happiness’. We offer five brand new films of diverse genres for the enthusiastic cinemagoer. All these films are must-watch ones for any Sri Lankan cinemagoer. The tickets are offered at a concessionary price at this glamorous festival”, he said.

Scope Cinemas Director/CEO Thushan Meemanage said all film circuits would benefit from this joint initiative as a vibe would be created on these yet-to-be-screened films showcased at the festival.

“The organisers are working to create a most memorable experience; a film-fest vibe, attended by some of Sri Lanka’s well-known film personalities and celebrities”, he said.

Speaking of the hygienic aspects Meemanage said, “Scope Cinemas will take steps to ensure that the venue and all operations adhere to public health and safety guidelines pertaining to the containment of COVID-19, promising a healthy, safe, comfortable, and up-to-the-minute experience for all guests. In addition to implementing a number of basic safety controls such as temperature checks and mandatory mask wearing, the management is also enforcing stern social distancing measures and disinfection of each cinema between screenings. All these measures are taken in hassle-free manner for the patron”.

‘Sarasaviya’ chief editor Aruna Gunaratne said, Sarasaviya tabloid has closely associated with Sinhala cinema for over five decades. “Sri Lankan film industry would flourish once again if commercial films are made to suit the tastes of the new generation. ‘Scope-Sarasaviya Cinema Happiness’ will showcase five such brand new films”, he said.

Marketing and production manager of Scope Cinemas, Jayaratna Galagedara coordinated the press event.

Film line-up

The list of films scheduled to be showcased artfully curated for the festival, includes productions across a wide spectrum of genres. Director Jayantha Chandrasiri’s Midunu Wishwaya, that will be screened on September 4 is a tale of time-travel, revolving around the complex love of two people from entirely different eras.

Kathuru Mithuru directed by Giriraj Kaushalya is the tale of a friendship developed between a tailor and barber over a common tool.

Director Channa Perera’s Yugathra tells whimsical story of a young man and his quest to discover the secret behind the mysterious girl of his dreams.

Miss Jenis, a light-hearted comedy by Director Susirinda Silva revolves around the desperate pranks of a middle-aged man who has resorted to disguising himself as a woman in order to sustain his family.

Gindari 3, a comedy/mystery film by Director Udayakantha Warnasuriya follows the strange results of when supernatural and real lives collide. Three ravishing she-devils invading the human world to abduct Tikiri aka Gindari’s son Supiri makes the story.

Scope Cinemas - a force to reckon with

Scope Cinemas was founded in 2017 with the refurbishment of the iconic Liberty Cinema. The multi-sensory luxury entertainment company has now expanded into the country’s first international standard cinema chain, having developed Sri Lanka’s first six screen multiplex with 4K projection technology and latest Dolby Atmos surround sound systems.

Scope Cinemas is confident that the upcoming film festival ‘Scope-Sarasaviya Cinema Happiness’ will serve as the perfect platform for cinema-goers to appreciate contemporary Sri Lankan film.

The event would also build optimism and spirit as a recovery medium for the industry.