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Thought provoking teledrama in the offing

Some time back the local cinema industry was flourishing. In this golden era of Sinhala cinema, flocking at cinemas to watch movies was customary for families. At present this enthusiasm is shown by households which gather in their living rooms every evening to watch their favourite teledramas.

The cinema industry in Sri Lanka over the decades thus has recoiled paving way for the teledrama industry to take over. However, mediocre teledramas have now become a menace. These run of the mill productions occupying TV prime-time slots waste the precious time of the viewers. It is high time authorities took steps to enhance qualitative aspects of teledramas and the industry.

Yet innovative teledramas being made by resourceful directors infrequently is a sign of relief for households. The interest made by the public towards these creations in recent past was significant.

The muhurat ceremony of the teledrama ‘Can You Hear Me’ that will be directed by seasoned teledrama director Sunil Costa was held recently. Costa being a teledrama director and a story/script writer representing a breed of directors that make quality teledramas has shown his mettle via his creations. Teledramas such as ‘Piyasa’, ‘Devindu Upanneya’, ‘Pinsara Dosthara’ and ‘Sudu Endagena Kalu Evidin’ are testament to this fact.

‘Sudu Endagena Kalu Evidin’ was recognized as the most popular teledrama of the year at the 24th edition of the Sumathi Tele Awards. Costa is keen in making teledramas that add value to people’s lives. Innermost feelings of humans are subtly discussed in his creations.

He said, “The challenge within is enormous. I challenge myself with my every new creation. My thirst for novel creations can never be quenched. I have only done a handful of teledramas and between two creations, I take a long pause to prepare and rejuvenate myself for a new creation. I have amended and fine-tuned the ‘Can You Hear Me’ script seven times and now I am ready to go. I would like people to read me via my creations.”

Costa would hire artistes who can deliver and understand his temperament. Until the shooting is over they would work as a family or a team, dedicated to the subject.

Veteran playwright Douglas Siriwardana speaking at the muhurat praised Costa for his contribution to arts as a writer and a director. He said Costa is a team player who constantly tries to add value to his work and a director who respects his audience.

Rev Fr Cyril Gamini Fernando, speaking at the occasion, shared his experiences as a young cinemagoer of the 1970s.

‘Can You Hear Me’ revolves around people of the upper segment in the society who try to maintain their position as elite ones and the hilarious behaviours of middleclass people to survive as lovers, businessmen, laymen and their interaction.

The cast includes Roger Seneviratne, Veena Jayakody, Dilhani Ekanayake, Gihan Fernando, Niroshan Wijesinghe, Lukshman Mendis, Shalani Tharaka, Priyankara Ratnayake, Chinthaka Kulathunga, Ajith Lokuge, Mitchel Dilhara, Umayangana Wickramasinghe and many more.

Sisikirana Paranawithana has handled the camera while Dinesh Subasinghe has made the music scores.

‘Can You Hear Me’ is written and directed by Sunil Costa. The teledrama is produced by Chinthaka Kulathunga and presented by Kingston Holdings.