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Ministers to be sworn in tomorrow:

28 Ministries and 40 State Ministries

Priority for National Security, Economy, Health, Education:
Rational allocation of subjects:
Enhanced responsibilities for State Ministers:

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa through an Extraordinary Gazette notification yesterday announced a Ministerial structure consisting of 28 Ministries and 40 State Ministries, including Ministries that come under the purview of the President and the Prime Minister.

The relevant ministers will be sworn in at the historic Magul Maduwa (Audience Hall) of the Sri Dalada Maligawa tomorrow before President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. This is the first time in recent memory that a Cabinet of Ministers will be sworn in at these precincts. Government sources said the Cabinet and other ministers will be a mix of veterans and new faces elected to Parliament (as well as from the SLPP National List) at the August 5 General Election. While the majority of portfolios will go to SLPP MPs, some portfolios are likely to be given to those representing allied parties.

The 67-page Gazette notification giving details of Ministerial structure, relevant institutions and rules and regulations was issued last evening. Special attention was paid to the areas of national security, economic development, infrastructure facilities, education, health and sports in the process of formulation of the ministerial structure, Government sources said. Political observers say this is a rare occasion when a gazette notification outlining the functions, departments and scope of ministries has been issued even before the swearing in of ministers.

Accordingly, the main ministries will be Defence, Finance, Buddha Sasana, Religious Affairs and Cultural Affairs, Urban Development and Housing, Justice, Foreign Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Administration, Education, Health, Labour, Environment, Wildlife and Conservation, Agriculture, Irrigation, Lands, Fisheries, Plantations, Water Supply, Power, Energy, Ports and Maritime, Highways, Transport, Sports and Youth Affairs, Tourism, Trade and Commerce, Industries and Media. To give an example, the State Minuster of Finance will have to handle the subjects of Capital Markets, State Enterprises, Samurdhi, Micro Finance, Self Employment and Development of Under Utilized State Resources.

National priorities, policy responsibilities and functions have also been taken into consideration in formulating Ministries in a methodical manner. State Ministries have been structured to facilitate the achievement of special priorities and the implementation of relevant programmes according to the broad scope of each Ministry.

The new structure covers a number of aspects of rural and agricultural development as well as the field of education.

The scopes, priorities, affiliated institutions and legal frameworks of each Ministry have been explained under several subheadings.

Though the swearing- in ceremony of the Ministers was scheduled for Friday, it has been advanced to Wednesday (tomorrow-12). The 15 Cabinet ranked Ministers who were earlier present in the caretaker Government will remain either in their previous positions, or, there might be changes to their previously respective portfolios, authoritative political sources told the Daily News.

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