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Sri Lanka’s COVID-19 recovery rate 90.68%

UPDATE: While all the other countries in the world suffer with a high fatality rate and low recovery rate related to COVID-19, Sri Lanka had recorded a 90.68 percent recovery rate by yesterday, Epidemiology Unit sources said.

According to sources, the global recovery rate of COVID-19 is just 64.42 percent and it is only 69.33 percent in India which has more developed medical facilities. The United States recorded a recovery rate of 51.25 percent which is much lower than that of Sri Lanka. The recovery rate in Russia is 78.05 percent.

“The COVID-19 fatality rate reported from Sri Lanka is 0.39 percent while it is 3.66 percent in the world (the Global rate). The fatality rate in India is 2.01 percent, 3.19 percent in the United States and 1.68 percent in Russia respectively,” sources said.

“At present, there are only 254 COVID-19 patients (8.9 percent from the total number of COVID-19 patients have been reported from Sri Lanka so far). They are in selected hospitals in Sri Lanka under medical treatment (active cases) while all others have fully recovered and have been discharged. A total of 172,972 PCR Tests have been done in Sri Lanka so far since February 18. Only 38 ordinary patients (not diagnosed as COVID-19 patients) are in selected hospitals for further investigations,” sources added.


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The total number of PCR Tests performed so far has reached 172,972, Epidemiology Unit sources said.

According to the sources, COVID-19 recovery rate of Sri Lanka has reached 90.68 percent. Sri Lanka’s recovery rate is above the USA (51.25 percent), Russia (78.05 percent).

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