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UNP will eliminate political character assassination - Ravi

Former Minister and UNP candidate Ravi Karunanayake said various cospiracies have been hatched and fabricated stories are being spread by those seeking political revenge from the United National Party (UNP) and himself.

In a recent comment to the Daily News he said, vociferous party members like him are prepared to standby for the rights of the people and fight for party’s due place. These are the reasons why certain politicians and ex-members decided to politically character assassinate him and the party.

When asked if he is the target of incompetent politicians and political parties, “I am a target of various politicians due to my abilities, and people like me are been targetted and character assassinated on nymerous occasions”.

“If and when the UNP comes to power we hope to eliminate this practice of political character assassination”.

He further added about his recent ordeal with Colombo Investigation Department(CID) is one such example. “This has been dragging on for the last five years, and it only comes up when there is an election around the corner”.


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