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Make kindness the norm

It gives me immense happiness to help those who are in despair – whether they are human beings or animals is immaterial to me.

A black and white, heavily pregnant female cat suddenly showed up in my back garden just a few days before the Covid 19 lockdown. She was running here and there and finding a place to hide as all my neighbours had been chasing her away whenever she had tried to creep in through their gates.

I am not an avid fan of cats, but decided not to chase it away as it had no place to go. Besides I found it difficult to chase her away as she was about to give birth. I started calling her Patch for no reason! If I remember correctly Patch arrived in my house in mid March, just a few days before the curfew was imposed.

After two days, she gave birth to four kittens and I allowed her to bring them to our back verandah, a place quite safe and comfortable for her and the little ones.

There was a slight opening above the door and she could easily move in and out whenever she wanted to.

Patch did not bother me much. She would always look at me with gratitude-filled eyes whenever I went to see how she was doing. She allowed me to pet her kittens.

As the country went into lockdown, I too was stuck at home.So I got enough time to nurse the new mom and kids. There was a very weak kitten who rarely got a chance to drink milk from its mother. Whenever she tried to drink milk the stronger siblings would push her down during their fight over mom's milk. I consulted a friend of mine who advised me to feed her separately. She asked me to take the other kittens out from the box for a while and keep the weak one close to her mom so that she could drink milk to her heart's content.

As they began eating solid foods, I gave them rice with salmon. Fish markets were closed, so buying fish was not an easy option. However one kitten - the only male one - died after a few weeks.

But the weak one survived. The other two are also females. I should mention that my husband was no cat lover at all. But he sympathized with the mother cat and kittens.

He did not raise any objection and I really appreciate him for that. He even rang up our pet dog's vet to get a medicine prescribed over the phone when the mother cat developed a bad cough.

Remember this was the Covid 19 lockdown period and there were pet owners who were ready to abandon their own pets being misled by rumours and myths. But my husband was kind enough to understand the sensitivity of the situation. I am really thankful for him. The kittens, three girls grew fast. The mother cat too is doing fine. Soon after the curfew was lifted I took her to the vet to get her spayed. Two of the kittens were given to my cousin who was an avid cat lover.

I kept the weak kitten with me for a while, but to my utter amazement the weakest ended up as the most beautiful of all kittens! Last week one of my friends who visited my place volunteered to adopt her. Now the mother cat lives with us. The three kittens are also doing well.

Jesus wants us to be kind. Small acts of kindness make us happier. I just experienced such happiness!!

-Anne Fernando

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