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Keep your curly hair healthy

Curly hair can be tough to manage. The curves and coils can be hard to wash and keep strong. Curly hair requires more hydration than any other hair type. Also, you need patience to try some hair style if you have this hair type. A lot of effort goes in making curly hair look shiny and flawless. If you have curly hair and you wish to know some tips to keep it healthy and strong, read further.

Don’t forget to put oil in hair before washing

Oiling your hair before washing it can make it soft and detangled. Also, it can nourish hair and avoid over drying after being washed. During showering, oiling can help prevent roughness and damage. So, it is advised to put oil in hair and leave it for at least 2 hours before washing.

Avoid washing hair daily

Curly hair doesn’t require daily wash. Too much use of shampoo can make your hair dry and fragile. Also, shampoo can drain away the nutrients from the scalp and that can lead to hair fall. So, wash your hair every third or fourth day. Additionally, use a mild shampoo as it won’t strip too much moisture from your scalp.

Avoid using hair dryer

A cold shower can locks in the moisture in the scalp and make your hair look shiny. Using a hair dryer makes scalp too dry and hair frizzy. This can lead to hair fall.

Use the right comb

Your hair requires a different comb than what most of the people use. A wide toothed comb can help you detangle your hair without much effort.

Also, it can prevent hair breakage and fall. So, invest in the right comb.


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