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175 COVID-19 cases discharged yesterday

UPDATE: The highest ever number of COVID-19 patients discharged from a hospital was reported with the discharge of 175 cured patients yesterday (28) since COVID-19 entered Sri Lanka.

Epidemiology Unit sources said only 498 COVID-19 patients (17.8 %) are still receiving medical treatment in selected hospitals by now. The total number of cured COVID-19 patients is 2,296 (81.9%).

There were 913 imported cases (Sri Lankans who returned from abroad) in the total number of COVID-19 patients, 2,805 have been found from Sri Lanka so far. Only 31 foreigners have been found positive for COVID-19 up to now. A total of 598 COVID-19 patients were found from the Kandakadu Cluster, the last COVID-19 cluster reported from the country, the sources said.

A total of 154,191 PCR Tests had been completed by now from February 18 covering all patients, contacts, vulnerable groups and suspected groups. PCR Tests will be continued on a targeted basis, sources added.


COVID-19 recovered cases rise to 2296-Time: 13:31
According to the Epidemiology unit, 2296  persons who had tested positive for the virus had recovered from the virus so far.

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