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Prisoner at Maduru-Oya center found COVID-19 positive

A Galle prison detainee who was being quarantined at the Maduru-Oya Rehabilitation Center has been found to be COVID-19 positive after a second PCR test.

Subsequently 230 detainees including prison officers have been referred for quarantine process, Galle District Regional Epidemiologist Venura K.Singharachchi told the media.

The respective detainee who had been first quarantined at the Kandakadu Rehabilitation Center had been later transferred to the Senapura Camp.The same detainee had been sent to the Galle Prison to appear in a pending court case. However the detainee had afterward on July 9 had sent back to Maduru Oya Quarantine Center where he was subjected to a fresh PCR test after which he was tested negative for the Corona virus.However the prisoner had undergone a second PCR test after 14 days of the first test at which he has been tested positive for the virus, the epidemiologist further said.

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