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Govt. keen to establish Ravana as world’s first aviator

An artist’s impression of the Dandu Monara.
An artist’s impression of the Dandu Monara.

The government has issued a newspaper advertisement urging people to share documents, books, and research material regarding Ravana, reported News 18. Ravana was the ruler of Sri Lanka during the era of Lord Rama. The advertisement was issued by the Tourism and Aviation Ministry.

Reportedly, the government wants to conduct in-depth research on Ravana and the aviation history of the country. The Civil Aviation Authority is starting a research project on ‘King Ravana and the ancient domination of the aerial routes that is now lost’.

As per the report, the government is of the belief that Ravana flew over 5,000 years ago and was the first aviator in the world. The country is now eager to discover the methods used to fly in the ancient period. As a first step in the research, the authority has started collecting documents, books and other historical content related to King Ravana.

Shashi Danatunge, the former vice-chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority, said that the government has ‘irrefutable facts’ to prove that Ravana was the first person to fly an aircraft. “King Ravana was a genius. He was the first person to fly. He was an aviator. This is not mythology; it’s a fact. There needs to be detailed research on this. In the next five years, we will prove this,” he was quoted as saying.

The Hindu reported that when asked why the Civil Aviation Authority was helming the project, an official — asking not to be named — said: “We are the main aviation regulatory authority in Sri Lanka. Since there are multiple stories over the years about Ravana flying an aircraft and covering these routes, we want to study this matter.”

Sri Lanka hails Ravana as a scholar and a kind ruler. They dismiss the fact that he had abducted Maa Sita and label the claim as the ‘Indian version’ of Ravana. Several Indian scriptures refer to the ruler of Sri Lanka as a ‘Maha Brahmana’ or the great Brahmin. Recently, Sri Lanka launched a satellite to outer space as a part of its first space mission. The satellite was named ‘Raavana 1.’ In a conference last year in Katunayake, archeologists, historians, scientists, aviation experts and geologists concluded that the ‘noble king’ flew from Sri Lanka to India 5,000 years ago in his Dandu Monara aircraft.

According to the Ramayana, Ravana used an aircraft named Pushpak Vimana, and it was built by Vishwakarma. Ravana had used the aircraft while abducting Sita from Bharat to Lanka, according to the epic.

While Sri Lanka’s tourism sector promotes the ‘Ramayana Trail’ for visitors from India — one of Sri Lanka’s largest tourism markets — it is the epic’s antagonist King Ravana that the Buddhists hail. Both socio-religious organisations in Sri Lanka and the state venerate and acknowledge Ravana as ‘the brave king’ from Sri Lanka.

Addressing a conference civil aviation specialists in Colombo in 2016, then Transport and Civil Aviation Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva had remarked that while the modern history of global aviation began with the Wright Brothers, it was common legend in Sri Lanka that a brave king called Ravana, used a flying machine called Dandu Monara to fly not only within the country, but also in the region.

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