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Adikari has the bass for music

Bass guitarist Adikari.  Picture by Nuwan Sanjaya Paul
Bass guitarist Adikari. Picture by Nuwan Sanjaya Paul

Music is one of the best jobs which you can enjoy and always learn something new , says this upcoming Bass guitarist , whom I happened to interview recently. Residing in Meerigama, he plays for a band called ‘Siyara’ in Veyangoda as a bassist. He is also an award winner for his performance.

Joining the music field was not the first thing on his mind. It was a co-incidence. Just for the experience of playing, he joined a and while he was in school. He has performed in many concerts and performs mostly for events, Weddings and functions. His performances are featured on Youtube , and he has performed as a bassist with Asanka Priyamantha, Damith Asanka, Raju Bandara and Danapala Udawatta.

His main aspiration is to carry on a solo journey as an icon, and also making a difference in playing the Bass. We had a brief conversation with this upcoming Bassist who goes by the name Adikari and likes to do things differently.


Q: What inspired you to be a musician? Why did you select to play the Bass guitar ?

I did Commerce for my A/Ls. From my school days I didn’t have much interest in being a musician. Afterwards I just joined a band because they invited me to join them. Other than that I didn’t have a particular interest in joining music.

When I did AAT , I started playing the guitar. Afterwards I did two or three jobs but I was not satisfied. So I thought that it will be better if I can proceed in the musical field. I did a few shows. Music is a subject which will never be boring to anyone. You never get tired of it. There’s always something new to learn.

Q: Can you recall your first performance ?

I performed at a musical show in my village . That was around 2010. I didn’t even have proper shoes to wear! Thereafter, I joined ‘Sirasa Dahasak Mal’ and got the chance to play in a roadshow. I learnt a lot from ‘Dahasak Mal’. I gained a lot from that programme. I made a name for myself through ‘Sirasa Dahasak Mal’.

Q: What was your most ‘special’ performance?

Most people are confined to a restricted area in music. I listened to the performances of Ernie Peiris and Thilak Dias. They are the people who made a new difference in the field of Bass Guitar. It was because I got away from the traditional method of music that people liked my performances. I always tried to make a difference in playing the Bass in a song and to make people feel the difference. May musicians think that they should play the bass according to the song type.

Q: Apart from being a Bassist , do you perform other instruments as well ?

If I play two or three instruments it’s a bit difficult . I normally play the Bass only.

Q: What is the response which you get from fans ?

If you take 100 people,95 give a good response. Even those who criticized me for being different now give me a good response eventually

Q: Are there any musical idols you follow?

I listen to the music of Ernie Peiris and Thilak Dias. I rarely watch musical shows. I mostly try to give an output which is of my own to people.

Q: What events do you mostly cater to?

We cater mostly to wdding frctions, otdoor shows, concerts and almost any kind of event. We normally don’t participate much in TV programmes because of the distance from Veyangoda to Colombo and also because of the transport issue.

Q: Looking back at your musical journey, what do you feel ?

I feel happy. When I started my career, a lot of people tried to put different ideas to my head. But I didn’t listen to them and decided to start a journey on my own. And I succeeded in that.

Q: Any future aspirations ?

I hope to continue with my career towards becoming an icon in the music field, and making a difference in the Bass Guitar field in Sri Lanka.

Q: Who was the main figure behind your musical career?

A lot of people helped me. During the beginning of my career I didn’t even have a guitar. There were times when I received 40-45 shows during the month, but since we were not financially stable we were not in a state to play in those events. Several popular bands helped me a lot, and some even gave me guitars to use for the performances.

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