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All election promotion material on private vehicles to be removed

Election Commission Chairman Mahinda Deshapriya yesterday stated that the Commission has issued instructions to all DIGs and OICs of police divisions, to take action to remove any material promoting a candidate or political party, displayed on any private vehicle other than on the ones candidates use.

In a press release, the Commission stated that it had received complaints regarding the display of slogans, signs, photo-stickers, and flags promoting candidates and political parties on private vehicles, including private buses and three-wheelers, in contravention of the electoral law following the declaration of the Parliamentary Election. The release read as follows:

“Display of the aforesaid on vehicles, other than those in which the contestant candidates travel, is an offence under Section 74 of Parliamentary Elections Act No.l of 1981; and, therefore, action should be taken forthwith to remove the said materials pasted on private buses, three-wheelers, and other private vehicles, if any.”

“It is hereby informed that necessary instructions have already been issued to the respective Deputy Inspectors of Police and Divisional Police Officers in Charge; and through them, the Officers-in-Charge of Police Stations, to conduct random search patrols covering all police areas for the aforesaid materials.”

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