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Police drug probe reveals

Rs.140 m in bank account of man living at drug racketeer’s residence

Police investigations into the drug trade had discovered that around Rs. 140 million worth of transactions had been carried out through a bank account of a 65-year-old man residing at the residence of a drug racketeer.

Addressing a media briefing at the Police Headquarters yesterday, Western Province Senior DIG Deshabandu Tennakoon said this account was discovered during investigations carried out on the bank accounts of drug racketeers.

“The Dehiwala Police recovered 1kg and 28g of drugs and over Rs. 200,000 from a suspect who was arrested. Later, we identified him as an agent of another drug kingpin known as Mervyn Jana, who is currently in custody. When we investigated the bank accounts where they had deposited their money, we found that the money had been deposited into a bank account belonging to a 65-year-old man living in the residence of this drug racketeer. We arrested him and upon checking his bank account we found that within a period of less than a year from 15th July 2019 to 26th June 2020, a sum of Rs. 140 million had been deposited into this account.

However, the very next day after he was arrested, Rs. 19 million that was left in his account had been transferred into another account. But the quick actions of the police prevented the money from being transferred and the account was suspended,” he added.

Senior DIG Tennakoon also noted that another retired person had been arrested by the police from Werahera. “He had been operating a bank-like facility. This person accepts cash from drug racketeers and deposits the money through his account to their accounts. He is a retired banker. According to the data gathered he had transferred over 6.5 million to such drug racketeers’ accounts within one month.”

He also said that a special mechanism has been launched to repatriate criminals hiding overseas. “Investigations have commenced to identify members of these criminal gangs and legal action will be initiated against them very soon,” Senior DIG Tennakoon said.

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