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Hey, Corona alias COVID 19!

These days life is tensed,
It is bored to death significantly,
While trying to defend you, me
Everyone from your death, it is so
serious, as well as very ironical.
"Work'" the anecdote where are
You, The one who could eject us,
Out of boredom of inactivity.
But of course, it's possible only,
When Corona leaves us alone.
Am I in my correct senses
I sincerely do wonder?


My sheep hear my voice

God speaks to us constantly
In numerous ways He does
He speaks to us through nature
Through our loved ones
Through circumstances
Through His Word
Through dreams and visions
Through our conscience
Through His still small voice!
Yet, we don’t hear Him!
We only hear and perceive
What we want to hear and know!
God is continuously beaming
Yet, our transmitter doesn’t
Catch His wave frequency
Our souls are so jammed
Our spirits can’t hear
The still small voice!
O wretched man that I am!
Who can deliver me from this:
‘Be still and know that I am God!
For my sheep hear my voice!’
Timothy A. Edward

Unexpected fate

The beautiful melodies of the “Koha”,
Happy Tunes of the Rabana,
Happiness around the swings,
Embracing the warm Rays of the Sun above.
The Festival is on,
The “Grease Pole Climbing“ is the event
To get the Flying Flag,
Garlanded with Crispy Money Notes!
It's not easy – Eighty feet Up!
With Determination and Courage
He ventures - amidst
Cheers and Blessings.
Motionless the crowd looks on.
He was about to grab the flag,
A big thud!
He is on the ground
Wounded – A broken leg.
On-lookers rushing!
The ambulance stealing the Show
Dispatching the victim.
By the bedside the fiancé
The Awurudu Kumari – Just crowned
Sat crying, sobbing, comforting
Him and grieving of the
Nice things they dreamt of.

Indra Goonwardane

The first step to your failure

If you don’t have talent to motivate others
Don’t try to demotivate them
The achieving soul, never
Stop for any senseless speeches
you may think , you are
The brilliant of the world
But your underestimation of
Others, is the first step to your failure
You have got lost in the allure
Of the adoring world,
So the achievement and the success of you are
Temporary as
The world that you adore most
But the soul yearning
For the real achievement
Neither adores the allure of
World nor get lost in it.




How long nature
has struggled with us
The mind is a sophisticated organ
Of human being
But we don’t use it
And with harmoniously
We and our pioneers
were overrule
the rules of nature
we just obey the rules
what we have made
That also partly
We create many theories
None of them is sustainable
And valid now
We never knew the limits
of nature's patience
our greediness
exponentially loaded
To an unbearable limit
Nature has been sacrificed
everything for us
This is the last chance
given to us
Ether to do or die
Every past massacre
Due to external enemy
this is an exceptional
The enemy is created within
What we have already consumed
Generation to generation
Contaminated in our genes
as a tiny bit
As we are holding
such a polluted genes
We all are responsible
And also sufferers
Of this destruction
Merciless nature
Will be continued its duty
Till the system is harmonized
Whatever the human being is doing


Easter Sunday

Woken up at half past six
Ran to the mirror therefore my hair could get fixed
Thunderstorms bragged below the breast for the morning tea,
Yes, It was a pleasant day at the Eastern sea.
"Quick", "Quick" acclaimed my mother,
It was the time for the mass that urged her to bother.
Began my tunes in the washing chamber,
Thus the practised hymns I could remember.
Clothed myself with the newly bought dress,
Whence it made me look fresh.
Nothing much but a thin layer of lotion,
Not really needed when you prefer devotion.
Held the break and pressed the start,
That's how I was ready to depart.
Swung out of the gate,
Shocked to find no one at the state.
My attitude of always being a latecomer,
Cheated the tyrant terrorist bomber.
Hundreds of screaming voices,
Searching kin in the burning pieces.
I couldn't even scream,
It was all like a horrible dream.
Where was Swity?
The always smiling pretty.
At the age of eleven,
Is she elevated to the heaven?
What happened to that little bud?
All soaked with the red mud??
Where was Jeshuran?
Wasn't he able to run?
Hasn't God hear his call in Hebrew?
Still trembling to forget his eyebrow.
The family's last child,
was killed wild.
Where was Peter?
Wasn't he waiting for his sister?
That moment after the break-fast,
Reminds of the supper the last.
A piece of shell on the head,
Made the smiling baby, a dead
Lots of call
To make sure I didn't fall
With the burning heart, I said "I am okay",
But where was the justice for bodies that decay?
There came a number of cops,
To carry the pieces of corpse.
Fire fighters, Volunteers and Ambulance,
Came forward to fight the turbulence.
The church boundary got sealed,
But hearts struggled to get healed.
Channels were focusing on news,
Carrying varying political views.
This anti-Christian war,
Had taken peace so far.
God's always superior,
Debating on him was inferior.
Although the victims' bodies retire,
They had become martyr.
Once again Lanka had ornamented her with check posts,
In the hope of protecting us from the terrorist ghosts.
Five big ambushes exposed like thunder,
And made the homo sapiens asunder.
This human harassment,
Rewarded the island a big embarrassment.
Sadly the Victory is executed by violence,
Against the powerful divine Vigilance.
Greeting adieu to the world of adjustment,
And hopefully waiting for the day of judgement.

Pavena Mohanarajah

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