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His word of honour!

Amal International School Colombo 6
Head Boy Ashfaaq Ahamed receiving an award
Head Boy Ashfaaq Ahamed receiving an award

Word of honour is sacrosanct to Head Boy Ashfaaq Ahamed of Amal International School Colombo 6. When he gives you his word of honour, it is a guarantee that the task will be completed. Perfect Prefect features Ahamed, a man you can place your trust in.

Ahamed points out that one reason he holds the post of Head Boy is because he always sticks to his word. In other words he is a person of integrity and honor. When he gives you his promise, you can be sure that he will fulfill the promise. He will never let you down.

Ahamed believes that he is here for a reason. That there is something bigger than all of us in this life we live in. He does not live for himself. He has a greater purpose


“My ambition is to become a neurosurgeon. And I don’t want to stop at that. I want to become the best neurosurgeon in the world. I also want to help others by becoming a social activist. I want to motivate others and uplift them. Make a difference in their lives. I have a purpose in life. I am on this earth for a reason. My purpose is to help others and work for the welfare of other people. Through uplifting others, I myself am uplifted,” explained Ahamed.

At Amal International, priority is given to independent leadership. The boys and prefects are encouraged to develop their strengths and improve on their weaknesses. They are encouraged to think independently and come up with their solutions. This is because one day they will have to stand on their own two feet once they leave school – to become self-reliant. They will have to create a life for themselves by acquiring knowledge.

Promoting independent leadership

“If you want to be successful, hard work and dedication is not enough, you need to think intelligently. I oversee a large body of students, and I am not alone. I have a whole team with me. I must say as a unit, the Prefects Board at Amal International School is very united and strong. It is a fellowship formed by strong bonds. But pressure is something that you cannot escape. I assign the work to different prefects so I am not overwhelmed by pressure. So, we at Amal International promote independent leadership,” pointed out Ahamed.

Prophet Muhammad is a person who Ahamed loves and admires very much. He also loves and looks up to his father and mother. They face so many challenges as any parent would in their day to day lives, but always saw that Ahamed was well taken care of. He also admires Muniba Mazari Baloch, a Pakistani activist, anchor artist, model, singer and motivational speaker. She is also Pakistan’s first model and anchor who uses a wheelchair. He calls her the iron lady of Pakistan. Her speeches have certainly made an impact on young Ahamed. Muniba Mazari is a woman who has faced many tragedies in life, but her will power and drive has helped her overcome them all.

“I am really captivated by Muniba Mazari because of her courage and determination. She had a car accident but she did not let that stop her. Her fight is not only for herself but to give a voice to other people as well. She was also made the National Ambassador for UN Women Pakistan after being shortlisted in the 100 Inspirational Women of 2015 by BBC. She also made it to the “Forbes 30 Under 30” list for 2016,” said Ahamed.

Land of opportunities

He joined Amal International just seven years ago. Going to Amal International he says has made a huge change in his life. When he joined Amal International, he was a very different man than he is now. The man who he is now is a confident and outgoing person. Making use of every opportunity transformed him from being a timorous individual to one who is confident. He says that every day he feels this gratitude to Amal International for accepting him. Ahamed says that Amal International College is a land of opportunities.

A leader needs to be firm. And again, his word of honor is something that must be close to his heart. Also being patient is a quality that can really help you, not only in leadership but in any activity in life. And again, he needs to work intelligently. He also needs to work with others and listen to others. Those are some of the main traits a leader should have,” stated Ahamed. Ahamed feels that we need to go out there and make things happen for ourselves. You have to grab those opportunities. Winning is important and losing teaches you lessons. But participation is the most important thing. Losing he says is not failure but the first step to success.


“My message is for people to create bonds. Because without relationships what are we in life? At some time in our lives we will need the companionship of people who have actually loved us. The relationships you have now, at this present moment you may not understand how important they are, but one day in the future you will understand how much you need them. And above all don’t try and go and create foes. Also do not give up on anything easily,” explained Ahamed.

Ahamed is a young man who practices Karate and he says Karate has taught him self-discipline and self -defense. Self- discipline he says is the main theme of Karate. He was a silver medalist at the 2011- 2012 Junior South Asian Karate Tournament in India.

“My dream is that each and every one of us should be treated equally. This involves sharing our resources and our food. Everyone should be treated in an equal manner. I would also like to see timorous people become confident and courageous people. They should be given opportunities that can help them come forward. But what really motivates me is trying to create a society where people think of others and care about others. People are too selfish these days. I also see that some people are caught up in this digital world and are addicted to social media and do not really interact with real people,” said Ahamed.

Pictures by Ruwan De Silva

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