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Saliya Samarawickrema was a fine sportsman

Saliya Samarawickrema , POG of Dharmaraja College.
Saliya Samarawickrema , POG of Dharmaraja College.

The present Prefect of Games of Dharmaraja College,Kandy Saliya Samarawickrema is an old boy of the School who was a great sportsman. He represented the College in Cricket & Rugby from 1984 to 1985.

He says that as the School has re opened he is intending to commence sports activities for the Students for two hours for three days a week as instructed by the relevant Authorities of the Dept. of Education and the Dept. of

Health for the safety of the sports loving students of the College. In Cricket Saliya Samarawickrema played as a medium pace bowler and his contemporaries in school were Bimal Dahanayake, Priyantyha Weragoda and Ravi Rajapakse who captained the Dharmaraja Cricket team to name a few. As a Rugby player, he played as Fly half and his Coach was Viper Gunaratne.

Saliya assumed duties as the Prefect-of-Games at Dharmaraja College,Kandy in the year 2014 as he succeeded Sarath Mataraarachchi who went on retirement. Before assuming duties at Dharmaraja he was a teacher at Kingswood College,Kandy and became the POG of Kingswood for some time. At Kingswood he Coordinated the annual ‘Big Match’ between Dharmaraja andKingswood including the Cenetenary ‘Big Match’ of the two Schools. At Dharmaraja too he will organize the ‘Big Match’ accordingly. He told the correspondent that as the grounds in most schools are not up to the standard the progress in Cricket in Kandy District is very slow and lack of grounds is also a problem for the improvement of the game.


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