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Postal voting from July 13 to 17

Health workers, PHIs given July 13:

UPDATE: Postal voting for the General Election 2020 is scheduled to take place from July 13 to 17. The Commission has declared July 13 as the date for all Health Ministry staff, Public Health Inspectors and Family Health Workers to cast their postal votes for the General Election, Election Commission Chairman Mahinda Deshapriya said.

Addressing a media briefing yesterday, Deshapriya said, “We earlier scheduled the postal voting for general office staff, Kachcheri, Police and Security Forces on July14 ,15, 16 and 17.However, we decided to advance it by a day on July 13 for the Health Ministry staff, Public Health Inspectors and Family Health Workers to cast their postal votes for the General Election as their services would be required to ensure that all health guidelines are followed during the rest of the voting.

The General Election 2020 will be held on August 5 and although the dates for the postal voting has been set for July 13 to 16, public servants who are unable to cast their votes on the assigned dates will be able to cast their postal votes on July 20 and 21 at the respective District Secretariats.

He noted that while the health guidelines have been issued, the gazette pertaining to Covid-19-related health guidelines, issued for the Parliamentary Election under the Quarantine Act has not been gazetted yet. However, he said the Election Commission hopes the gazette would be issued by next week.

Meanwhile, he noted that there could be certain mistakes in the names, ID number etc on the official polling card, but added that this does not mean a person cannot cast his ballot. “If there is a mistake in the name, sex or ID card number. But, there is no issue, our staff have been well educated in this regard and these issues could be sorted out. There are several reasons where an individual could be denied the opportunity to cast his/her vote. They are if the person’s name is not on the electoral register, if he/she does not produce a valid ID, if they refuse to allow the finger to be marked or if it has already been marked or if they refuse to fill out a declaration form as requested by the Chief Officer at the Polling Centre. Your vote could be cast despite minor issues, but definitely no one will be allowed to cheat.”

The Election Commission Chairman stressed that despite the Covid-19 pandemic being brought under control in Sri Lanka, the threat is still very present. Hence, he urged the public not to take the progress we have made for granted and forget the health guidelines. Hence, he urged the public to follow the health guidelines such as wearing face masks, constantly washing or sanitizing hands and maintaining social distancing.

He said that according to health guidelines, only around 100 could participate in an election rally, except in the event a party leader is participating, then up to 500 persons have been allowed to participate.



Distribution of Postal votes begins today- Time: 10:46

Sri Lanka Election Secretariat will hand over the postal ballot papers for the Parliamentary Election to the Postal Department for distribution today.

The postal voting for state officials, security personnel is expected to be held on July 16 and 17. Anyone who cannot cast their vote on any of these days as postal voting can be done so on the July 20 and 21 at District polling centres.

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