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Youth Education Vital to the Economy

Professor Atta-Ur-Rahman
Professor Atta-Ur-Rahman

Pakistani scientist specializing in Organic Chemistry Professor Atta-Ur-Rahman called on policymakers to recognize the importance of the youth in the future prosperity of the economy. Rahman was delivering the keynote address at the Organization of Professional Associations 33rd Annual Conference.

Rahman said, “it is only with the creative potential of the youth that we can move forward.”

He later added “Sri Lanka only invests .1 percent of GDP into investment. Please increase it to 1 percent. That is the secret.”

Rahman said the key to a strong economy is know-how. He said “the key is being in a strong knowledge economy. It is our only hope for equitable sustainable economic development.”

Rahman called on the scientific community to realize the strides made in material science in the recent past. Rahman said materials like Graphene and Self Healing Materials developed by NASA would likely spark a revolution.

Rahman had visited Sri Lanka in 1974 under then-leader Sirimavo Bandaranaike and established strong relations with the science community in Sri Lanka. This relationship created multiple opportunities for collaboration between Sri Lankan and Pakistani institutions.

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