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Tips for Successful Young Architects

Architecture branches out to many parts of our lives. Corporations hire architects to help them build many things. It is essential to know that architects need to be people with various skills and knowledgeable experience. To reach the highest level, an architect needs to make the right steps with confidence.


Networking is one of the most essential parts of almost any career. A student architect should build a network as early as possible. Keep all your contacts because they can be valuable at some point in your life. Future architects can be helpful to each other, sharing experience and knowledge.

Learn From the Best

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your mentors or senior architects to seek for advice. They will most likely help you out, providing you with an honest opinion and give you a fresh outlook on the design you need help with. You will learn from them, and earn their respect for turning them for a bit of advice.

You do not have to learn only from your mentors. Modern technologies allow you to do your research and learn about new approaches and techniques thanks to the help of the Internet. Even some motivational speeches can be quite helpful.

Make Mistakes and Learn From Them

To err is human, to forgive is divine. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes, but be prepared to acknowledge them and learn from them. Likewise, do not judge harshly on some other people’s mistakes. Take the best of that experience, and seek the way to improve the project and show your enthusiastic architect passion.

Keep informed about new things in architecture, and mistakes you might make as a beginner can decrease in number as you become more experienced, and your knowledge extends. Do not ever forget that both fresh and experienced architects can make mistakes.

Improve Your Speaking Skills

You may not think that speaking can be an essential skill for an architect. You have to be clear and fluent when presenting your ideas or opinions. If you need to hold a presentation, try to rehearse it beforehand. Use any opportunity to practice convincing performances. The confidence and fluency are half the job.

Ask for More

Do not hesitate to ask for more opportunities. Sometimes you would want some exciting projects or a raise. If you do not dare to ask, you will certainly not have the chance to get it. But, when you get the opportunity, be prepared to deliver the best results possible. That is the way to justify a chance given.

As you get your chance, do not forget that your superior will monitor your work carefully and closely. Pay attention to all the details, and make sure your presentations are concise and clearly spoken. You need to justify their trust in your abilities.

Take the Moment

You might feel lucky when you are in the right place at the right time. But, it is essential to seize your chance. Always show your enthusiasm by offering different solutions to some design. Be proactive, and when you least expect, you might be provided with an opportunity that you would never miss.

Share Your Skills and Knowledge

The same you learn from your mentors, the same you should do with your colleagues. Share your skills. If you are talented for something, offer your help to those who are less skilled, and in return, they will undoubtedly help you out with things you are not so skilled at. Don’t be afraid to work in a team, because teamwork can produce great results.

Make the Best of Your Abilities

If you are good at something, try to be even better. And if some of your skills need improving, do your best to get them at a better level than they are. If you keep learning, you will be satisfied with your advancement. Still, that knowledge and better skills will take you a step further in your architecture career.

Be Wise When Changing the Job

Sometimes life takes you on a different rail, you should not turn your back to your past. Always remember where you came from to know where you are going. If you are changing a job, do not leave it fighting with a boss or fellow colleagues. The bad word will spread fast, and soon, you will be characterized as someone who cannot be trusted. And past reviews tell a lot.

Be careful with words. Sometimes, we are severely hurt or disappointed with our superiors or colleagues, but that is not the reason to show the worst of you. If you just had enough, thank everyone for their time, and decide that it is the best moment to move on. It will be best for everyone.

Express Your Opinion

The danger for developing architects might be that they are afraid to express their opinion because they can be intimidated by experienced architects working in a team. If you have an excellent elaborated idea about some projects, do not be afraid to present it. Do not make lengthy introductions, go straight to the point, and later elaborate the details.

Have Distinctive Goals

It is essential to know your future goals. It is easier to have the unique goals that you can change on the way if they prove unreasonable. But if you know what do you want or do not want in your future career, it will be easier to focus on them even if it seems that you lost your track. Just remember your goals, and soon you will be back on track.

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