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Several Lankan names in world’s 500 most influential people

 Several Sri Lankans who are leaders in their fields will be interviewed by Indian duo Kiran Rai and Ralph Pereira to be included their list of ‘500 most influential people in the world’.

Bathiya and Santush, Peter Kuruvita, Umaria, Gehan and Dino and Stephanie Siriwardhana are some of the Sri Lankan names to be included in this group of global influencers.

In their endeavour, Rai and Pereira also hope to enter the Guinness Book of Records for the most number of interviews conducted globally.

Rai and Pereira will interview 500 of the most influential people globally including five major Sri Lankan artistes, Bathiya and Santush, Umaria, Raini, and Ashanthi.

Rai and Pereira hope to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the most number of interviews conducted globally with influencers on the platform Zoom, instead of stopping at interviewing only 100 of the most influential people in Asia.

Award-winning entertainment entrepreneur and journalist Rai recently started this collaboration with entrepreneur and start-up enthusiast Ralph Pereira. Their list of global influencers includes Michelin star chefs, sports stars, and designers.

Other Sri Lankan names included are Stephanie Siriwardhana, Raini Chruka, Ashanthi de Alwis, and Gehan and Dino.

Speaking on their initiative Rai stated: “I’m happy that I am able to become a footstep to give all this talent what they deserve and to be on our list.”

Ralph adds that they will continue to be voices for major talent across the world who have suffered from a lack of recognition for their hard work in the last 20 years.

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