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Home Lands Skyline initiates dress code change

Returning to work after COVID-19 period needs a plan to maintain safety, satisfy customers, and rebuild the morale of the company staff.

Home Lands Skyline Leadership decides to change the dress code of the staff to make “return to work” smooth and effective to utmost.

“Even though it is not easy to start the business, as usual it is important to gear up the crisis successfully. Company believes that everyone wearing a newly designed corporate dress extend a warm welcome towards customers. It is important that Homelands Sky Line stand out as global and purpose-driven business leader in real estate industry in Sri Lanka,” Homelands Group Chairman Nalin Herath said.

 “We believe that company dress codes are just as important as staff attitude because it sends a clear message to our clients indicating, that you take business seriously.

Well-presented staff help set the tone and to inspire a sense of comfort and confidence for our customers create the impression that we care about all aspects of our business

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