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Trolls World Tour:

Earache without infection!

Set to release at the beginning of the year, 'Trolls World Tour' made its mark as one of the first movies to be released digitally rather than what it was supposedly promised for: to nurture the love for music in tune lovers. Bursting with colours rather than melodies, the movie’s makers decided to release the sequel to the forgettable ‘Trolls' movie as a consonance to movie buffs who are made to cooped at home amid the pandemic. Though it is a heartwarming gesture, many of us who wish to find entertainment in something more mature would probably end up shutting down our PCs and head for a nap with a bad migraine after listening for a few moments to these adorable, music loving beings.

However this is a welcome move for desperate parents who might be hunting for ways to keep their off springs entertained at home during lockdown. Since tiny tots are yet to start schooling in Sri Lanka, no doubt parents will find some solace in keeping their little ones entertained with this child-friendly movie.

Much like it’s 2016 predecessor, ‘World Tour’ is also set in the lives of Poppy and her clan. However this time they discover that there are unknown lands beyond their borders which are infested by different kinds of trolls. Each of these species vary according to their looks as well as the music they sing. Poppy and her team represent pop music. Likewise you have classical, techno, country, funk and rock.

The film begins with Poppy (voiced by Anna Kendrick) taking on her duties as the new queen of the Trolls. Unaware that her friend Branch (voiced by Justin Timberlake) is secretly in love with her, she soon learns that her kingdom is under treat from Queen Barb. She sets out on a journey to stop her from conquering other troll kingdoms, accompanied by Branch and a few others.

Director Walt Dohrn and co-director David P. Smith ensure that ‘World Tour’ doubles down on the first film’s strengths. If Trolls featured a panoply of pop radio hits, the follow-up adds in other genres, resulting in amped-up renditions of everything from ’Atomic Dog’ to ’Barracuda’ to a few Beethoven symphonies.

However, 'World Tour’ tends to be hyperactive and fizzy rather than thoughtful and resonant. The rush of different songs — whether classics or originals written for the film — becomes wearying, as if the movie doesn’t want to give us a minute to think or catch our breath.

The greatest strength in the movie is in its message of encouraging diversity – both in its musical genre as well as in cultural background. This motivates you to embrace your diversity and celebrate what sets you apart from the rest.

Smattered with vibrant shades and overacting, you feel that the film is moulded to keep the young audience in awe rather than follow a storyline or send across a hard-hitting message. This is probably what makes it a bore for older audiences who might be counting off the minutes for this noisy sequel to end if they are forced to sit with the tiny tots to witness this non-stop sensation as it unfurls on the screen.

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