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COVID-19 recovery rate in SL among world’s best

The recovery rate of Sri Lanka's COVID-19 patients has exceeded 75 percent and now it is 76.82 percent which is higher than the world rate of 53.49 percent, Epidemiology Unit sources said.

According to the sources, the recovery rate of the USA is only 41.6 percent and only 55.57 percent in India. The recovery rate of Russia is 58.1 percent.

The UK is the only country standing higher than Sri Lanka in terms of the recovery rate of COVID-19 with 85.99 percent, though the infection and fatality rates are much higher there.

The fatality rate of Sri Lankan COVID-19 patients is only 0.56 percent which is significantly lower than the global fatality rate of 5.2 percent.

The fatality rate of UK is 14.01 percent and it is 5.19 percent in the USA. The fatality rate of India is 3.21 percent. It is 1.39 percent in Russia, the sources said.

No new cases of COVID-19 have been reported from Sri Lanka on 20th Saturday and 21st Sunday. Only three cases of COVID-19 were reported on 19th Friday. Sri Lanka has performed a total of 95,087 PCR Tests by June 21, the sources added.

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