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AG recommends after prison visit

Corrupt prison officials to be identified

‘Prisons a playground for criminals’
Corruption in prisons could erode public faith in justice

Attorney General Dappula de Livera yesterday called for the swift identification of all corrupt prison officials in order to eliminate corruption within the country’s prisons system and renew faith in law and order among the public.

Speaking after a visit to the Colombo Remand Prison, the first by an Attorney General, Livera alleged that the prison has become a “playground” for criminals because of the actions of corrupt officials.

The Attorney General also attended a discussion with the Commissioner General of Prisons Thushara Upuldeniya and the Superintendents of Prisons.

Speaking at the event the AG stated: “Today I came to the prison to give a message to all the officers in the Prison Service. Public confidence in the prison has been lost. It is because of corrupt officials in the prison system. Those corrupt officials should be identified as soon as possible. Today the prison has become a playground for criminals. Prison has become a place of criminal exercise.”

“There is no discipline of officers, no discipline of detainees. Prison officials are addicted to bribery and corruption. Underworld gangs are organized inside the prison.

The inmates are being protected by the officers and also the officers are being protected by the inmates. There is an intimate coexistence between these two. This should be ended. The prison has become a hub for producing criminals.”

“Crime in the country continues to decrease. One of the places of justice is the prison. When these are corrupted, they threaten the law and the public safety of the country. The country cannot prosper without law and order. You can retire with dignity only if you serve reasonably well.”

“People look forward to living in a good environment. Prison Officers will be protected by law if they act according to the law. Prisons cannot be run when corrupt officials rule. We must eliminate that culture as soon as possible,” AG said.

Further, the AG told the gathering that he was proud to be the first Attorney General who visited a prison in an official capacity.

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