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Waterspout tornado forms during storms off coast of Thailand

The rare quadruple waterspout stunned tourists on the beach at Koh Lipe, southern Thailand. Picture: Viral PressSource:Viral Press

This is the moment a large waterspout formed off the coast of Thailand as beachgoers relaxed seemingly unaware of the tornado cloud on the horizon.

The watersprout stretched from dark grey clouds into the ocean in Chonburi province, in eastern Thailand, shortly after 3pm on Wednesday.

By the time it was captured on camera, the waterspout, had turned into a mature vortex reaching maximum intensity, making a funnel shape.

Waterspouts are intense columns of swirling tornado clouds that form over a body of water.

It could be seen rising several hundred feet into the air as beachgoers continued to  swim and float in dinghies in the water, while others relaxed on the sand.

At one point someone rides through the water's edge on a bike.

Waterspouts are most commonly found in subtropical areas and disappear shortly after they come into contact with land.  

The region has been battered with heavy rain along with overcast and humid weather over the last few days.   

Tropical Storm Nuri ripped China’s Guangdong province over the weekend with ripple effects causing storms in Thailand.

(Source: DailyMail)

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