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BOC B-App empowered with Self-Enabling facility

Bank of Ceylon’s convenience driven mobile banking app “B-App” now comes with the self enabling facility. Customers are now empowered to download and register themselves for this facility without visiting a branch.

There is no question that the technological revolution has brought dramatic change to the wealth and well-being of societies globally. The Bank of Ceylon has stepped into empower its customers and the country’s economy by incorporating novel digital technologies to add convenience and affordability to the Sri Lankan payment system to enhance the well being of the Sri Lankan society. Further expanding the potential of the “App” in order to empower customers, it can be installed and activated in a smart phone by using a few simple instructions.

In order to register first of all “B-App” will have to be downloaded to a smartphone. As for an “Android” version phone it can be downloaded via Google Play store or if it is an Apple iPhone (IOS) it will have to be downloaded via App store. After this step the customer can either enroll and self-register for the facility or visit a nearest BOC branch for further assistance.

After completing these steps you have officially registered yourself to B App. After completing this step you will have to “Log out” and “Log In” with your new password.

With your first log in as a fresh user “Terms and conditions” related to use of B App will appear on the screen. You are required to carefully read it through and click on the “Accept” button to say that you are complying with the terms and conditions.

With the emergence of enhancing customer experience as a central consideration of the bank, it has improved its interaction and relationship with customers in a seamless manner. With the demand for time becoming crucial, the bank has empowered the customer by eliminating the need of visiting a branch to conduct banking, replacing branch work with a seamless, personalized and value-driven digital system that enhances customer experience.

Considering the importance of value-driven relationship building, the bank has aligned all its operations and processes to deliver maximum co-operation to assist customer service by incorporating digital technology. Backed by sophisticated IT infrastructure, the Bank provides instant/ real-time transactions during any time of the day on a secured platform. Customers, therefore, can execute their transactions with confidence.

This confidence placed in its digital platform has improved the overall financial health in the economy, creating a cohesive experience across digital platforms in the industry.


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