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Crowd pleasing!


Set in the world of elves, Dan Scanlon's 'Onward' may seem like many of the other Pixar movies produced in the recent past but a closer look at the action which follows the tale reveals that this is a production which can stand on its own feet.

The animation which revolves around the bond between two elf brothers voiced by Tom Holland of Marvel’s 'Spider-Man' fame and Chris Pratt who is best known for the dinosaur-dominating 'The Lost World’s series. Though Ian and Barley Lightfoot seem to have nothing common between them except the fact that both are still pining for their lost father, Scanlon engages them in an adventure on finding a way to recover their deceased father for a day. In a world where technology has replaced magic, Ian and Barley finds it a challenge to

The two brothers are pitted against each other because both share diversely colourful personalities: Ian is socially awkward and la is confident while Barley is loud and totally into magic and the old world charm. Just before Ian's 16th birthday the brothers receive a magical staff which can bring their father back to life for 24 hours. Unfortunately the magic goes wrong and only the bottom half of their father appears. Desperate to find a solution to this problem and with time running out, the brothers embark on an adventure which not exhibit the power of magic but also tests their family bonds.

Scanlon starts off slow by projecting the normal daily life of New Mushroomton. Just when we begin to wonder if all is well and boring in life at the elf dwelling, he zooms his camera on the brothers and focuses on the heart of their relationships.

Then when the action begin, there is hardly a full moment. Many colourful scenes, actions and characters are brought before us but rather than being taken on a blizzard and boring journey, we are roped into a rollercoaster of magical madness. What keeps the spirit alive is the emotional core of the tale which finally overwhelms us at the end.

Part of the film’ssuccess should be credited to the voice cast – especially the two lead roles. Holland voices Ian in a convincing boyish manner while Pratt moulds himself perfectly into Barley’s layered role. The two compliment each other’s characters rather than stand out as individuals and deliver some of the finest moments in 'Onward'.

Other characters too like the dangerously adorable biker gang of pixies, a goofy centaur (half human half horse) policeman and the firebrand Manticore, make an interesting watch. The visual effects are eye-appealing as there is so much happening in the background.

This also adds to the excitement of the tale. Kudos to the team for not only bringing a heartwarming adventure to life but also presenting it’s viewers with a production which is out of the box in many ways.

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