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Inter-club hockey to resume in Kandy

For the Kandy hockey lovers there is good news, On Sunday the Kandy District Hockey Association officials met at their president R. Mahewaran's residence at Pallekelle to resume the inter club tournaments., which were halted due to corona virus. At one time hockey was a way of life. They play the sport for the sheer love of it. The Kandy hockey lovers tryst with hockey dates back to the time when the Indian Rajput Regiments occupied the Kandy military barracks, currently known as Police barracks. So the birth of hockey as we know it today took place in Kandy, the first school to take up to hockey waa St. Anthony’s College

Glancing through some old records, the first ‘Bully Off’ in Kandy at club level was in 1907, when the Kandy Sports Club and the Industrial School Team met. The captains of these two pioneer clubs were Europeans, S.R.Hamer and R. Sparks. These two clubs played regularly and had opposition from the regiments stationed in Kandy. At that time the game was new but every lover of the game supported during the initial days. It is said that in the good old days they used to carve out hockey sticks from trees and bind unripe guava fruits with cycle tubes to make them into hockey balls.

Kandy SC packed with European planters, also met Dimbulla ACC and Dickoya MCC. Somewhere in 1910, a new club was formed, the Kandy Rovers. They had the Vanlangenberg brothers Hugh and Lloyd, Wicky and Percy,all first class players. In addition, they had Edwin Boulton, a teacher of Kingswood College, and H. John Gaye a teacher at St. Anthony’s College. In1909, one of the Antonian students, Charlie Hamilton, who was a ten-year-old prodigy, played as centre half. This lion heart ed midget was one of those who had learnt the game the hard way in the company of the Indian stalwarts. That year a team picked from Kandy travelled down to Colombo to play against the Municipal Council of Colombo and Bloomfield ACC. The first match was drawn, each side scoring a goal, and the hero of these two games was Charlie Hamilton, whose play had evoked repeated rounds of applause. The anti-climax was that after the teams returned from Colombo, Charlie took ill

Kandy has produced many talented hockey players and most of them are well settled. “Along with hockey, we always insisted on education and found every means to push our boys and girls into educational institutions through the game of hockey.

Kandy’s motto of hockey is ‘Education – Discipline – Service. Kandy has top hockey players well settled and many clubs what they lack is proper play grounds. It was a Kandy lady called Zuhara Jumma who became the first female team captain. Then some of the men’s names which come to my mind are D.H. Vithanage, M. Thahir, A. Rafaideen, Shafie Samada, M. Ayub, M. Razak,A.H.M Nazeem, Ishak Shabdeen, Anton Perera, A.M. Jhan, R. Mahendran, S. Soundaranayagm, Darshana Wijesinghe, S.L.M. Mulafer, Mulafer Maharoof, C.L. Sumanarathne,

At this meeting the official’s of KDCA planned to take the sport ahead and start helping hockey and their intention is to encourage hockey in all boys and girls schools. they named M. Ashroff, M. Raheem and D Herath to attend the special meeting of the controlling body, which will take place on June 17 in Colombo.

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