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Govt.will support exporters to reach world markets - President

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday told leading businessmen in the export sector that the government will extend its fullest cooperation to them if they, as exporters, take up the task of expanding their present export range to meet a wide variety of international market targets.

He said that adding value to agricultural exports such as cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg can earn a high income. “With the spread of COVID-19, a new market has emerged in the global economy and a large market is being established in Asia, in the Middle East, China and India.

The President also emphasised that exporters have the responsibility to utilize this potential with new vigour and to strengthen the economy.

“There is criticism of the contribution of state and private banks to economic recovery. It appears that concessions made by the government for business and the welfare of the people do not flow into society, the President said and added, “This is a matter that needs to be addressed immediately, and if the Central Bank or the state banks do not follow the instructions given by the government, we will not hesitate to remove officials that stand in the way and serve the needs of the country and the working people.”

He said that despite being a small country, the government is investing heavily in education and health.

The government has been able to keep COVID -19 under control and cope with it because of this, he pointed out.

“The government has been able to control the exchange rate and protect the farmer by stopping the importation of agricultural crops and non-essential commodities,” the President said.

The spread of the epidemic has caused a downturn in all sectors of the economy.

The President said that with the eradication of the disease the country is recovering with great expectations with plans by the government for economic revival in full measure.

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