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150 Guinness world records!

An Idaho man broke his 150th Guinness World Record by downing an entire liter of lime juice in 17.29 seconds.

David Rush, who is on a mission to break Guinness records to promote STEM education, broke his 149th record a week earlier by drinking a liter of lemon juice, and decided to celebrate his 150th milestone by taking on the lime version of the record.

Rush was able to down the unsweetened juice using a straw in just 17.29 seconds, beating the previous record of 21.81 seconds, which was set by Andrew Ortolf.

“I think I’m done with drinking records for a while and will see if I can’t find some more physically active ones that get my blood flowing instead of making me sit around all day after,” Rush said after completing the record.

“My sister-in-law also told me I had to stop doing this since I was going to damage my stomach lining (she’s a nurse practitioner and I feel like maybe I should listen to her, or my body which agrees),” he said.

Rush said his 150th record also coincided with the release of his self-published book, ‘Breaking Records: 21 Lessons from 21 Record Attempts’. UPI

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