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Covid-19: One third are Imported Cases

From mid-April around 6,000 returned to Sri Lanka from abroad and around 473 of them became positive for COVID-19. It is one third of the total COVID-19 patients reported from Sri Lanka. Now we can roughly predict how many COVID-19 positive individuals will arrive in a specific fright, Epidemiologist Dr. Samitha Ginige said.

According to Dr. Ginige, only an antibody test had been done for the people returning from Kuwait and no PCR Test had been done. The PCR Test should be done to detect COVID-19 patients and the antibody test takes over ten days to become positive. Therefore all COVID-19 positive patients found among returnees had been infected while they were overseas and not after returning to Sri Lanka.

Dr. Ginige pointed out that around 800 COVID-19 positive cases found were from the Navy cluster and it is around half of the total number of COVID-19 positive patients found from Sri Lanka. It is natural because the navy cluster reported from an enclosed environment. The Navy cluster is gradually fading now.COVID-19 will not spread to the society from the Navy cluster and Quarantine Centres. The COVID-19 positive patients are released only after their PCR Test becomes negative twice. A PCR Test can be negative today and become positive tomorrow.

The curing rate of Sri Lanka is significantly high when compared with other countries in the world. The Epidemiology Unit update COVID-19 information all the time and there is nothing to hide from the people. Therefore whatever false information that appears in social media cannot be accepted, he added.

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