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Poson Poya: Spiritual gift

Unique forever in island’s historic past
Are the sacred visits of Buddha with blessings, vast

The sacred doctrine he preached for the entire humanity
He foresaw, will be preserved here in pristine purity

Thera Mahinda’s arrival takes us deep down to our history
To show that the supreme gift was our great victory

That was the biggest and the most precious treasure
The value of which no one can exactly measure

Emperor Asoka’s goodwill and Arahat Mahinda’s mission
Led to King Devanampiyatissa’s conversion

The king embraced Buddhism minutes after the conversion
Mihintalaya became the peak of Buddha’s vision

Buddhism was accepted by a number of countless
Whose interest in the new faith was endless

With the arrival of Thero Mahinda, acquiring the most appropriate name
Dharmadweepa was well renowned with enormous fame

His teachings contain immensely valued advice
To lead a calm and religious life devoid of vice

Arahat Mahinda not only brought Buddhism and its scripture
Comprising of the art of writing, arts, crafts and architecture

The greatest philosophy conveyed through his message
Guided the king and the people with time’s passage

It also had a great impact on economic and social conditions
Which the King followed with great faith and devotion

Archaeological remains in main cities are a tribute
To the developments subsequent to its introduction

The message of Buddha gave happiness and peace of mind
With the lofty moral code of the right kind

Temples were built symbolising the Triple Gem and the doctrine
Of Theravada as well as the observance of discipline

Besides the spiritual message, the cultural revolution
Formed the basis of our ancient civilisation

Karuna and Metta that Buddhism emphasizes everyday
Has much to do with the suffering life today

The proud culture coming down from generations
Was very clear in the discipline of life during the Corona devastation

The Buddhist values coming down the years adding charm and simplicity
Is of special significance to Lankans of the era creating feelings of superiority.

Rupa Banduwardena

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