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11,669 complete quarantine at Tri Forces centres

Announcing the notifications of the National Operation Centre for the Prevention of Covid-19, Army Spokesman Brig. Chandana Wickremesinghe said, 291 persons who were repatriated from Singapore had returned to the country on Tuesday (02) and were directed to quarantine centres operated by the Tri Forces. By today (03) 11,669 persons who had undergone the quarantine process at Tri Forces operated quarantine centres had returned to their homes after undergoing the PCR test.

As of today (03), another 5,243 persons were still in quarantine at 43 Tri Forces operated centres. He noted that while all possible measures have been taken to protect the military personnel who are on duty at these quarantine centres, in the event any military member contracts the virus, the Panagoda Military Hospital has been readied to accommodate them and treat them.

During yesterday around 40 persons had been identified to have contracted the coronavirus and 32 of them were those who had returned to the country from overseas. Among them were 27 from Qatar, 03 from Kuwait, 01 from Russia and 01 from Dubai.

He noted that over the past 30 days, there had not been any community cases reported. From among the 1682 patients reported in the country, 510 are those who had returned from overseas.

Another seven Navy personnel had also tested positive during yesterday increasing the total number of infections within the Navy to 763. However, 424 of them had recovered completely and have been discharged from hospital, while another 339 are still under treatment.  


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