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Innovative step in education landscape

IDM Nations Campus launches free online university

The global lockdown of education institutions is going to cause major (and likely unequal) interruption in students’ learning.

 As COVID-19 pandemic is a health crisis, Sri Lanka has (rightly) decided to close schools, colleges and universities. Home schooling is not only a massive shock to children’s productivity, but also to children’s social life and learning. One of a main concern is economical issues that are rising along with this online education, where it getting worse when it comes to a country such as Sri Lanka.

 With the vision of “Providing Education where it matters”, the chairman of IDM Nations Campus, Dr. V. Janagan initiated an innovative education approach by launching free online university, where students can fulfill their higher education achievement apar with International standards that meets future employment requirement. This online university has been launched as “VJ-Campus Online”, where students can enroll for free via web and experience world class higher education which awarded by UK and various other International awarding bodies, which recognised locally and globally.

“This new initiation is for whom to dreaming to be an achiever, but economy is their obstacle” mentioned by Dr. V. Janagan, where he needs to uplift Sri Lankan knowledge society disregard to differences in income. Furthermore he mentioned that recent pandemic made a paradigm shift in employment, where it shift procedure centric operations to trust based operations where employees needs to aware of social science. This approach provides diverse opportunities to learner in developing their social and leadership abilities. More information: (MFJ)

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