Boarded residents in Colombo, suburbs must register: SDIG | Daily News


Boarded residents in Colombo, suburbs must register: SDIG

All temporary residents in Colombo and suburbs must register with the nearest police station, Western Province Senior DIG Deshabandu Tennakoon said.

Speaking to the Daily News he said that most of the illegal drug operations have been taking place from rented premises. “If the normal rent for a house is around Rs. 25,000 these drug racketeers offer landlords Rs. 50,000 and rent the house. The landlords too don’t hesitate to rent their house as they are getting more than they asked for. Almost all of the illegal drug operations that we busted were those operating from such rented houses,” he said.

Therefore, he said Grama Seva Officers of around 60 Grama Seva Divisions will be assigned to register all who are boarded or on rent in their respective Grama Seva Divisions.

He noted that thereafter they expect to create a database for temporary residents.

The senior DIG urged all those on rent and those who are boarded at residences to register with the Police, failing which the Grama Seva Officers will have to visit their respective areas and take count of such temporary residents in their relevant areas.


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