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The dangers of politicizing COVID-19

People leave a quarantine centre
People leave a quarantine centre

During a recent interview with the National Television (Rupavahini), Health Services Director General Dr. Anil Jasinghe very clearly stated how a lot of individuals tried to get one particular sentence out from his mouth: “There is now COVID-19 social transmission in Sri Lanka”.

He said he did not let the big lie come out from his mouth. It seems some badly needed to see COVID-19 reach social transmission stage in Sri Lanka which did not happen due to the hard work done by the health authorities, Armed Forces and the entire Government led by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Director General Health Services 
Dr Anil Jasinghe

During the interview, Dr. Jasinghe very clearly stated that COVID-19 and politics should not be mixed up and public servants like him should not be entangled in or with politics. “During my public service over 30 years I have never entangled with politicians or politics. I will never do it,” he said during the interview.

Speaking to the media, he stated that all who had returned to Sri Lanka and who are now returning to Sri Lanka should give bio-samples for PCR Testing and it is compulsory no matter whether they underwent PCR Tests in foreign countries or not. Hotels have been given to some of them on their demand in order to make them feel comfortable. “`I am under pressure from various individuals such as friends, relations, etc but I make sure that all are the same when it comes to implementing the quarantine laws. The same pressure comes from various institutions,” he stated.

The question has arisen as to why some are dying to see a social transmission of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka. They are dreaming to see a mini US within Sri Lanka. Why ? There are several individuals and groups that are eagerly waiting to use the term `social transmission of COVID-19'. Most of them are now in the opposition. There may be some who still operate from the public and private sector offices.

But they may be henchmen of politicians from the previous regime who are still thinking that they can turn things around. May be the recent incident that took place in an independent commission where one member of the commission brought his adult daughter who was still undergoing home quarantine to the offices of the commission is one of the well planned acts of said persons and groups.

Opposition politicians say the same thing again and again on television every day. They say the General Election cannot be held without gathering people and moving closely with the people. They know very well that for another year or two sitting or standing in a packed crowd will not be a reality due to the existence of COVID-19 in the world. It is not something that is limited to Sri Lanka. Health experts have already announced that COVID-19 will stay in the world for another year or two and a vaccine for COVID-19 will be a reality only after several months or a year. Therefore the local opposition politicians know this situation very well and are only misleading the Sri Lankan public.

But fortunately the Sri Lankan public cannot be misled that easily due to the availability of knowledge and information through the Internet and other resources. At the same time the opposition politicians use the same to mislead a part of the Sri Lankan public, especially those who use the Internet.

Social media are used to spread COVID-19 misinformation

During the recently completed Presidential Election some people were talking about an ‘army’ of 1500 laptops which were on 24X7 to sling mud on the Presidential candidate of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) and current President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. But the details of this `Laptop Army' did not come out that much and the ordinary Sri Lankan people did not hear about them. With the time being many people forgot the mud-slinging process and the persons who did it.

This `Laptop Army' is still there, it is very much active now and it will carry out the cyber war against democracy in future as well. They are a very good at slinging mud. They can fabricate `information' and interpret accurate information in a different manner drawing a very different picture from the real picture in the minds of the people. The news of ordering 1000 body bags came into the limelight through the Internet. This `Laptop Army' is operated by the politicians of the opposition and their henchmen.

Some elements attached to these politicians did not stop there. They came forward very bravely and started to sling mud on the Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA) which has always stood by the President and the Government from the start of the crusade against COVID-19 giving the accurate guidance to the country.

The only solace was the entire country remembered very well who they (henchmen) are, for whom they stood for during the past five years and what they did during the past five years in the health sector. There are video and audio clips everywhere in Sri Lanka which provide evidence for their past behaviour. There are hundreds of newspaper reports published at that time. It is very easy to re-play them over media or through social media and re-publish them through social media. It will place the henchmen in the correct positions.

If anyone thinks that Sri Lankan people remember things only for two weeks, they are stupid, they only think about hunger and not about the country, they can be misled very easily and they do not judge things by deed and they judge things by rhetoric of politicians, the persons who think about Sri Lankans in that manner will learn a lesson soon. That day will arrive soon. The people of Sri Lanka will re-confirm the mandate they gave six months ago, proving who they really are.

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