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EC duty bound to hold elections – PM

EC informs Govt Printer to initiate printing ballot papers
Polls Date to be determined on FR cases verdict
The Election Commission has been established for the sole purpose of conducting free and fair elections and the Commission led by its Chairman and officials should carry out their duty and responsibility by holding the General Election without delay, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa pointed out.
“It seems the Commission is making arrangements to conduct the Election after the Supreme Court delivers its judgement over the petitions filed before the Apex Court,” Prime Minister Rajapaksa said.
The Prime Minister made these remarks after paying homage to the Sacred Temple of Tooth Relics in Kandy on Saturday.
The Prime Minister inquired as to why the Opposition is so apprehensive of elections. “Generally, the Governments in power try their best to postpone elections. But today, the Opposition is trying to evade elections while the Government in power is demanding to hold it as soon as possible,” he said.
Prime Minister Rajapaksa recollected how he and his party made requests to the then Government in power to conduct the elections on time. “Now the Opposition is trying to postpone the elections,” he said. He said the President has stipulated a fixed price for a kilo of rice after considering the cost for rice processing and the profit accrued after the sale. “A thorough probe is continuing over the Easter Sunday attacks,” the Prime Minister added.
Meanwhile, the Election Commission has officially informed the Government Printer to make preparatory work to print ballot papers for the upcoming General Election.
The Commission has issued a letter to the Government Printer under the hand of Election Commissioner General Saman Sri Rathnayake with regard to the printing of general ballot papers and dual ballot papers.
“It is the general practice of the Commission to officially inform the Government Printer with regard to the printing of ballot papers,” Rathnayake said
He said that the date of the General Election will be determined based on the Supreme Court judgment over FR Petitions filed before the Apex Court. 

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