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Innovative pet care in the time of lockdown!

Bobby’s new ‘friend’!

Our pets too have to bear the brunt of the Coronavirus lockdown. Being locked inside is no easy task for any living being. But they have no option but to stay indoors without any ‘evening walk’ or ‘Vet visit! ‘ However their beloved owners have been innovative enough to come up with smart caring solutions to look after their pets during this difficult time......

We had to leave behind our three cats; Mama Pussy, Bobby and Podi as they refused to come with us, even though I had bought three separate baskets for each one to travel in comfort with us to Thalawakelle. So we asked our kind neighbour to look after them for us. He loves animals too and readily agreed to feed them twice a day. Initially we left five kg of rice and 1 kg of salaya fish. When this stock was over we started ordering from the online supermarkets. All we could order were salmon and dried fish and rice. Our cats were never too fond of salmon or dried fish but our neighbour says they don’t grumble so much when he gives it to them. I miss them terribly, but by the looks of it the three cats don’t miss me so much. The latest update from the neighbour has it that Bobby has taken up residence with him... (temporarily I hope)

-Nishu Dissanayake


Fortunately she didn’t play truant too much!

My cat was recovering from an illness when the lockdown came into effect, so I was keeping a close eye on her anyway. And then came the news about the tiger at Bronx Zoo: A cause for concern. Ours is basically an indoor cat, but we send her out for her ‘business’. She would sometimes take liberties with that and spend a few hours outside, god knows where she goes. With this situation I didn’t want her spending too much time outside, so I would call her and get her back in after sometime. Fortunately she also didn’t play truant too much.She would sleep under the car which was now mostly at home as hubby was working from home and I would occasionally peek under the car to ensure she’s there. I stocked up on fish and cat food for her and saved contact numbers of vets providing emergency services during curfew, just in case.




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