Yahapalana government mollycoddled LTTE terrorism – Prasanna | Daily News

Yahapalana government mollycoddled LTTE terrorism – Prasanna

Industrial Exports and Investment Promotion, Tourism and Aviation Minister Prasanna Ranatunga yesterday said that it was the previous Yahapalana government, which mollycoddled the LTTE terrorism that was defeated by valiant war heroes.

Minister Ranatunga was speaking to SLPP members at a meeting in Minuwangoda yesterday under the state programme, Gama Denuwath Karamu-Yali Apa Negitimu.

“The Ranil-Maithree government was revising the war victory achieved through the sacrifices made by the Armed Forces with life and limb in 2009,” he said.

“Rajapaksa brothers had set an example to the world by defeating terrorism 11 years ago.

Sri Lanka has been successful so far in the fight against Covid-19 compared to many countries under. It is so far successful in tackling COVID 19 thanks to the commendable services of the health and security sectors,” the Minister said.

“The Government initiated several programmes to help the ordinary people while combating the pandemic.

When the government is providing relief to the people, the UNP has complained to the Election Commission against it. We were working on granting Rs.5,000 allowance to the people for this month as well. However, the UNP members thought it will be disadvantageous for them and complained to the Election Commission.

This is the one and only opposition in the world that goes against providing relief to the people," the Minister said. 


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