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2019/20 ‘Maha’ season crop damage:

AAIB finalizes estimates for compensation

The Agricultural & Agrarian Insurance Board (AAIB) has been finalizing the estimates of crop damage compensation to be paid to farmers in the Anuradhapura District concerning 2019/20 'Maha' season.

Anuradhapura District Agricultural & Agrarian Insurance Board Director Rajeeva Kularatne has reported to Anuradhapura Government Agent R.M. Wanninayake that during the 2019/20 'Maha' season, 11,749 farmers under the Anuradhapura and Thambuttegama areas had applied for crop damage compensation, for a total of 21,466 acres.

The AAIB provides a maximum of Rs.40,000 per acre as compensation to such farmers. It is paid for damage caused by wild elephants, droughts, and floods. Taking the 2018/19 'Maha' season, 4,540 farmers who suffered crop damages in fields that spanned 7,622 acres, have been already provided with a total sum of Rs.149.7 million. Furthermore, in 2019/20 'Yala' Season, a sum of Rs.61.281 million had been provided to 1,882 farmers in Anuradhapura and Thambuttegama.

The Anuradhapura AAIB has also provided a sum of Rs.39.595 million to 7,919 farmers under the farmers' pension scheme. It has been learnt that irrespective of the amount of monthly pension, every pensioner has been paid Rs.5,000 each under the government's COVID-19 life support allowance. According to the Polonnaruwa Assistant AAIB Director, the compensation for the 2019/20 'Maha' cultivation season is being processed at present, and around 6,000 farmers have become eligible for it. Furthermore, 1,018 farmers, whose crops were damaged in the 2018/19 Maha season, have also been offered compensation amounting to Rs.38.325 million for 3,106.8 acres.

Apart from that, in the 2019 'Yala' season, 824 farmers had been paid Rs.29.961, for 1381.38 acres.


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