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Signature ‘Work-to-Live-to-Work’ face masks to promote safety

Signature Sri Lanka’s iconic fashion brand launched the Signature brand face mask which will not only complete the ‘look’ of a professional working environment but will more importantly be a formidable first-line deterrent against the pandemic.

The new Signature brand face mask is manufactured under stringent guidelines and ensures absolute comfort while making breathing easier.

General Manager, Signature, Indika Perera said, “These are extraordinary circumstances we live in and we have currently learnt to manage our spheres comprising our personal life and our public life which include our professions. We at Hameedia want to be relevant yet adaptable in our approach to the new ‘normal’ as we set out to recommence our work life”.

“The new Signature Face mask is not just a stark reminder of how it’s going to be for an indefinite period of time, but it also has great utility value while enhancing each individual’s unique sense of style in their day-to-day professional life.”

The Signature branded Face Masks have been designed with safety taking top priority, closely followed by comfort, quality and cost effectiveness. Made from 100% soft cotton-fabric, the three-ply masks with an extra layer in-between the inner and out layers are built to ensure maximum safety. These re-usable masks which can be washed multiple times are available in a variety of colours.

Brand Manager, Signature, Amjad Hameed said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has given us an opportunity to rethink and plan our ‘return-to-the-workplace’ strategy. In this context, it is important that we adapt to the ‘new normal’. As we fully endorse a ‘Work-To-Live-To-Work’ attitude, the Signature Face Mask will not only be a very effective first-line protection but also a great equalizer, ensuring consistency in the professional / wearer and the organization that he/she is a part of.”

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