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The nation’s responsibility towards a secure Sri Lanka

The people born after 1990 have very little or no knowledge at all on the situation of Sri Lanka existed before May 18 in 2009. They have no idea about the day-to-day life of an ordinary Sri Lankan by that time. Patriotic parents must relate the past situation to their children in order to make them realize how lucky they are to live a safe life in this precious land.

We must tell the children born after 1990 about the true status of Sri Lanka existed before May 18 in 2009. How bombs went off all over the country killing thousands of innocent poor people. How a handful of Sri Lankans assisted terrorists through whatever they did while the entire nation and majority of media pushed the country forward encouraging our war heroes to rescue the country from barbaric LTTE terrorists who had aircraft, ships, modern arms and especially three ‘armed forces’ of their own. Our children should know the unofficial country located within Sri Lanka before May 18 in 2009. Our children should know the real heroes of mother Lanka and the handful of traitors of mother Lanka. Otherwise we will not be able to walk towards a prosperous and united country.

Who are the traitors of mother Lanka? There were traitors. Very clearly they acted as traitors doing everything possible to save the LTTE leader. In the early stages they appeared through media, as journalists, as human rights activists and ‘politicians’. What they did was acting as traitors and getting paid monthly salaries of thousands of dollars by Tamil Diaspora and the Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs). Slinging mud on war heroes and the top political leadership which led the war was their main job. Some media persons acted as spies of the LTTE. Later they were named as ‘heroes’ by the set of traitors who paid and guided them while labeling the real heroes in armed forces and in political leadership as murderers and corrupted individuals. Only a handful of people had the courage and patriotic feelings to act against this injustice. But those who fought against traitors were severely harassed using every possible way.

After 2015, well planned strategies were launched to eradicate this part of true history of mother Lanka (from 2005 to 2014 which include the crucial year 2009). Everything was done to delete these memories. Everything was done to make them forget how they lived and saved their lives before May 18, 2009. The acts and comments of traitors have become jokes but they are more serious than that. Some of those are ‘Alimankada yanawa kiyala pamankada yanawa’ (going to Pamankada after saying we are going to Elephant Pass), ‘Ona gonekuta yuddha karanna puluwan’ (Any fool can fight a war) and ‘Toppigala kiyanne maha kelayak’ (Thoppigala is a thick jungle). We have to tell our children about the background of those sayings. Who told them, when and why. Then they will realize the true history of mother Lanka by themselves.

Then children born after 1990 started to see certain things on television especially during news telecasts between 2015 and 2019. What they saw and heard was how war heroes were taken to prison in handcuffs, how so-called human rights activists spoke to media on human rights violations that occurred before May 18, 2009. The people born after 1990 may be confused about the individuals and incidents because they know nothing about the true history of mother Lanka (before May 18, 2009). This part of history should be made available to the people to find and read easily.

It was July 24 of 1996. The time was around 5 pm. I was having tea with my mother because I was at home that day. I did not have any lectures to attend in Sri Jayawardenepura University. A boom....a very loud was sound heard. I was shaking with fear. My mother told me ‘Putha...that sound is not something good. It should be a huge bomb. I am very lucky to have you here with me now. Otherwise I will die from a heart attack’. We finished our tea and waited some more time. Then we went out to lock the gate and watch television for more information. But we could not lock the gate. The entire village was running towards the main road mourning. They were screaming. ` I just got a phone call. The train my son travel just bombed..... oh my daughter also travels by this train at this husband’s phone is wife’s phone is ringing but no one answers....’ On television we saw all the blood, the pieces of bodies. The burnt cloths. The broken shoes. But today only the people who lost their loved ones on that day remember the incident.

As people born before 1990, those bitter memories are permanently placed inside our hearts. We will never ever forget those visuals. We will never ever forget those mourning. We will never ever forget the sounds of those bombs. But....there are some who forget. There are some who do not relate those details to their children. Some hate war heroes or just pretend that they do so. How can anyone hate the people who kept us alive? The people who sacrificed their lives, limbs, eyes and everything for us? Otherwise millions of dollars must be flowing into the accounts of those who hate war heroes. We must educate our children about those traitors of mother Lanka who are still very much active.

The time has come to include the true history of mother Lanka in the history books of our children. Learning history before May 18 in 2009 should be made compulsory for all schoolchildren. All Sri Lankan citizens should learn the true history of mother Lanka. We should not let our children learn the fabricated history of mother Lanka, the history fabricated by certain individuals who got paid thousands of dollars to do so by NGOs.

Here are some incidents from our deadly history. The history which is buried by traitors of mother Lanka. This is the real bitter history which was ended by our war heroes under the leadership given by then President and current Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and then Defence Secretary and current President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

The LTTE’s brutal attack on Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi

The LTTE hijacked a bus May 14, 1985 and entered Anuradhapura. As the LTTE cadres entered the main bus station, they opened fire indiscriminately with automatic weapons killing and wounding many civilians who were waiting for buses. The LTTE cadres then drove to the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi and gunned down Buddhist Bhikkunis, Bhikkus and civilians as they were worshiping. Before they withdrew, the LTTE entered the national park of Wilpattu and killed 18 Sinhalese in the forest reserve. The LTTE cadres massacred 146 Sinhalese men, women and children in total, in Anuradhapura.

Killing of over 700 Police Officers

The LTTE abducted 899 officers. About 125 were able to escape. Prisoners were taken to the Vinayagapuram and Trincomalee jungles. Once they had arrived, the LTTE cadres lined up the officers, tied their hands behind their backs and shot them dead. In all, 600 to 774 police officers died. But not all the officers complied at once. ASP Ivan Boteju, who was the OIC of Kalmunai Police station, refused to surrender and kept on fighting with the LTTE from 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Within that period, he repeatedly requested air support and artillery support but was denied. At about 5.20 p.m. the IGP personally contacted Botheju, ordered to cease firing and surrender.

When they had laid down their arms, the LTTE took over and all communications with the Colombo Police headquarters were lost. Then the LTTE cadres took them to the Tirukkovil jungles and executed them. In Kalmunai, the LTTE also fired at an Army convoy, killing ten Army soldiers.

The brutal attack on Sri Dalada Maligawa

On January 25, 1998, the LTTE exploded a massive truck bomb near the Temple of the Tooth premises, which was to be the centre the Independence Day celebrations. Three suicide LTTE Black Tigers drove an explosive laden truck along the Raja Veediya, firing at soldiers manning road blocks around the place, crashed through the entrance and detonated the bomb around 6.10 am, local time. Two explosions were heard.

The truck contained 300 to 400 kg of high explosives. 16 people, including the 3 attackers and a 2-year-old infant were killed in the incident. Over 25 people, including 4 women, a monk and a police officer were injured. P. W. Withanage, a Professor of Geology also died due to shock after hearing the incident. The powerful attack left most of the buildings within a radius of 5 km damaged and glass panes broken.

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