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Minister Dinesh Gunawardena completes 37 years in Parliament

Dinesh Gunawardena, the fearless son of the Lion of Boralugoda cut his political teeth by entering Parliament on May 18, 1983 being elected a member of Parliament in the Maharagama by-election as the Leader of the Mahajana Eksath Peramuna. Since then, the historic services rendered by Minister Dinesh Gunawardena as a Member of Parliament being the voice of the people are too numerous to be elaborated in a short article like this.

History bears testimony to the  great service rendered by him to the country, nation and religion during the last 37 years of his parliamentary life always preserving the traditions and practices of the House.  Today he holds the important Ministerial portfolio of  Foreign Relations and Skills Development, Employment & Labour Relations contributing immensely to boost image of the country at numerous for a dispelling many a myth created by unscrupulous elements.

In his long political career Dinesh Gunawardena  has held numerous positions such as the Cabinet portfolios of Transport, Environment, Urban Development, Water Supply & Drainage, Sacred Area Development and Foreign Affairs, Skills Development, Employment &Labour Relations dedicating himself fully to the task entrusted by the respective governments. It is well known how he endeared himself to the electorate through his services in those capacities very successfully devoting his time and  overwhelming knowledge of the affairs of the country. He never abused his power or position for his own personal gain or benefits.  

Dinesh Gunawardena, the distinguished Royalist, can truly be indentified as one of the most vociferous and yet truly honest Parliamentarians who graced our Legislature for last three decades. Even his worst enemy will find it difficult to level an accusing finger at him as far as integrity, moral conduct, moral rectitude and decency is concerned.

In his distinguished political career he represented the House of Parliament throughout from 1983 onwards except during the period of the government in 1994. Dinesh Gunawardenacan be regarded as one of the respected political leaders and a person of integrity who deserves the respect andhonour of the people of Sri Lanka. He is an eloquent speaker always armed with thorough knowledge of the subject  with facts and figures.

His greatest quality as a gentleman in politics is the sincerity with which he speaks and all the speeches he has made in the Housebear testimony to his multi-faceted personality characterized by the love and affection he has for the downtrodden masses. Like his father, he never tolerates injustice to any body and particularly when the integrity of Motherland is at stake, he becomes the most vociferous speaker, the mighty warrior  in the forefront, taking the cudgels against the powerful whoever that might be.  His kind of politics transcended ethnicity, religion, language, class/caste or any of the many identities which divide our people. The key qualities that his character embodies are the love for the country, the respect for people – including his political opponents, practical common sense, simplicity in dress and  language, honesty, integrity and above all, the value of the Rule of Law and Democracy.

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