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The Exterminators disinfects police stations in Colombo

The Exterminators Pvt Ltd Sri Lanka’s pioneer disinfection solutions provider disinfected 29 police stations in Colombo protecting over 5000 police personnel by covering over of 254,500 sq.ft to help the Sri Lanka Police to take on the battle against COVID-19.

The first initiative was to help people on the frontline by disinfecting police stations. The project begun on March 15, and was completed on April 30.

There isn’t a single COVID-19 case reported at any of the Police Stations disinfected by Exterminators.

“We are proud of the small part we played and we take this opportunity to thank Major General Kamal Gunarathne (Secretary of Defence) and Senior DIG Deshabandu Tennakoon (Western Province) for giving us an opportunity to help the police, who in return help the public and also ‘Team Exterminators’ for risking their lives in the battle against COVID-19,” said Marlon Ferreira Founder/Managing Director of Exterminators.

“With so many misleading claims out there, you need to know the truth related to disinfectants and its use. According to WHO guidelines it should contain 70% alcohol and the product should be registered by relevant authorities in Sri Lanka and certification should be available that the products are manufactured according to WHO guidelines and ‘The time to kill the virus efficacy’ test report should be available..”

“When it comes to Chemical Based Disinfectants, all products should be approved by the WHO to use against COVID-19 virus and the products should be registered in Sri Lanka by the relevant authorities.”

“Spraying disinfectant on individuals or groups is not recommended under any circumstances. Spraying an individual or group with chemical disinfectants is physically and psychologically harmful and it does not limit the spread of COVID-19. Even if the person infected with the COVID-19 virus, spraying the external parts of the body does not kill the virus inside.

For most disinfectants to be effective it needs to be present for an adequate amount of time (5-10 minutes).

When it comes to Fogging & Spraying Large Outdoor Areas, outdoor surfaces, such as roads, parks, lawns, should not be sprayed with disinfectants. Spraying disinfectants especially thermal fogging over a large area outdoor areas cause serious environmental pollution and should be avoided’ since it kills non-target species such’s bees, wasps, butterflies etc.”

‘Exterminators Optimum’ disinfection service uses a range of disinfectants approved by the WHO, CDE-United States & National Environment Agency (Singapore) for use against the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. All disinfectant products are registered in Sri Lanka by the relevant authorities. While taking on the battle against COVID-19 the services that are provided by Exterminators is 100% ‘Carbon Neutral’.

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