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Pan Asia Bank offers high interest ‘for Foreign Currency Deposits via Special Deposit Account

Pan Asia Bank is now offering a unique not to be missed investment opportunity with the Special Deposit Accounts that offer unbeatable interest rates for new foreign currency deposits in a bid to support country’s efforts to attract fresh foreign currency funds.

This opportunity is open for 6 and 12 month foreign currency Fixed Deposits placed in a range of currencies including USD, EURO, GBP, Canadian Dollars and Australian Dollars.

There is no minimum deposit amount or prescribed limit for the fixed deposits and upon maturity, the term deposits are freely convertible and remittable outside Sri Lanka.

Also depositors have the option to convert the foreign currency funds brought under this account scheme and place the FD in LKR to enjoy even higher interest rates.

Upon maturity, such proceeds can be converted back to foreign currency.

Special Deposit Accounts can be opened by, Sri Lankan Individuals resident in or outside Sri Lanka,

Dual Citizens, Citizens of other states with Sri Lankan origin, Non-nationals resident in or outside Sri Lanka and Funds, Corporate bodies, associations incorporated / registered outside Sri Lanka.

For 6 month and 12 month period respectively, the Bank is offering interest rates of 5.0% and 6.50% on USD ; 9.50% and 11.25% on Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR); 3.0% and 4.25% for EURO; 3.75% and 5.0% for GBP; 4.35% and 5.65% on AUD; and 3.25% and 4.50% on CAD.

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