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Litro Gas Lanka raises in supply and delivery response

Litro Gas Lanka Ltd, Sri Lanka’s undisputed market leader and supplier of LP Gas to the nation stepped up a multi-faceted and swift response to serve Sri Lankans island-wide in order to ensure they had an uninterrupted supply of Litro Gas during the COVID – 19 pandemic.

Adopting the stance ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe – We will deliver Litro Gas to your Doorstep’, Litro Gas deployed the Company’s dealer network to augment their home delivery promise.

Litro Gas initially deployed 500 dealers and then expanded to over 1000 and consequently became the first conglomerate, which fulfilled customer requirements swiftly without any shortages, during this difficult period.

Litro Gas also partnered with PickMe Foods to facilitate delivery within Colombo and subsequently expanded to the outskirts. Moreover, the Company deployed a fleet of ‘mobile gas delivery’ vehicles to deliver Litro Gas cylinders directly to households.

The daily LP Gas requirement in Sri Lanka is around 80,000 cylinders for domestic consumption and Litro was in the forefront servicing customers island-wide, around the clock.

The Company’s communication channels took a novel approach by introducing a hotline number (1311) for consumers to inquire about the closest Litro Gas dealer who would deliver Litro Gas to their door-step, even during curfew hours.

The Litro Filling Plant maintained an uninterrupted supply through the filling and distribution of cylinders consistently, with the exception of April 13 and 14 2020 (Sinhala and Hindu New Year holiday).

“True to our promise of being the national LP Gas supplier, we will continue to help our consumers during these challenging times. In our role as a state-owned enterprise, we were able to meet consumer requirements in a swift and efficient manner in line with the vision of the government,” commented Janaka Pathirathna, Director- Sales & Marketing/Corporate Affairs - Litro Gas Lanka Limited.

“The management team and the entire staff led by Anil Koswatte,Chairman/ CEO of Litro Gas Lanka Ltd &Litro Gas Terminal Lanka Ltd,worked tirelessly to ensure the successful implementation of the process every step-of-the-way.”

Litro Gas Lanka’s response stood out as an example for key retailers and online vendors in Sri Lanka with its uninterrupted, proficient and reliable service offering.

Litro Gas Lanka Ltd was able to improve its service parameters to the Sri Lankan public by leveraging on insights and years of experience.

The Company received approx. 41,000 MT’s of LPG from March 15, to 30th April 30, which allowed them to ensure an uninterrupted supply of LP gas to all Litro Gas customers.

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