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‘Tiny faces’ makeup challenge

Being hunkered down in our homes can inspire some odd activities and bizarre challenges. Beauty YouTuber Jaime French is one of the latest people to inspire others to get creative (and a bit weird).

In a viral video, she shows us how to transform our faces into a “tiny face” by using makeup and wearing a scarf or turtleneck. By contouring cheekbones, drawing on the bridge of the nose, and adding lipstick to the bottom of the nostrils, it creates the illusion of a miniature face. The look is complete when fabric covers up the actual mouth and chin.

“I’ve seen this illusion over the years but I was sparked to try it when I recently saw a girl on TikTok do it,” French shares on her YouTube channel.

Over the course of about eight minutes, she takes us through the process of creating her tiny face. French starts by applying concealer and contouring her cheekbones using concealers and a contour stick as well as glow powder. Once the base is set, she begins crafting the illusion. A felt tip eyeliner and liquid lipstick allow her to control the drawing on her face and outline the baby nose and mouth. Once French finishes with her makeup, she brings the tiny face to life by adding a scarf and scrunching her nose to “talk” with the new little lips. My Modern Met


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