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Mosques to remain closed

Chairman of the Shaikh Usman Waliyullah Shrine (Devatagaha Mosque) and Masjid Reyaz Salley called on all Muslims to stay away from shopping and mass gatherings despite the restrictions being relaxed.

“We have to set an example to other communities who have sacrificed their festivals such as the Sinhala Tamil New Year and Easter Sunday. Hence, let us also sacrifice our Ramadhan festival and work unitedly with other races to eradicate the Covid 19 pandemic and let us all get together with our President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and celebrate all festivals together after we eradicate the pandemic. There will be blessings from Almighty and we also start a new era in our life. Presently we are been punished by the Almighty for having ego of different sorts for which the Almighty is not happy. Therefore, I appeal to my brothers and sisters to follow the law of the country and maintain social distancing. All mosques in the island will be kept closed even after the curfew is lifted,” he said.

Accordingly, all mosques will be closed until the Wakf board of Sri Lanka announces it is safe to reopen. 


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